• Professor Patrick Bouic

    Professor of Immunopathology Prof Patrick Bouic is regarded as one of the world’s leading experts on the immune system. In 1996 he first demonstrated the immune balancing power of plant sterols and sterolins, with a paper published in the acclaimed Journal of Immunopharmacology. He became a passionate advocate for plant sterols and sterolins as a result of his ongoing research and his own family’s experience. He has published 15 research papers on the topic.
  • Dr. Kenneth Olden

    Scientist and researcherDr Kenneth Olden is a cancer researcher and past director of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) and National Toxicology Program. He was also the director of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and overseer of the Integrated Risk Information System (IRIS). In recognition of his work, Dr Olden has received four of the most prestigious awards in public health: the American Public Health Association Calver Award in 2002, the Sedgwick Memorial Medal and the Laurenberg Award in 2004, and the Julius B. Richmond Award in 2005.
    • Backed by science since 1996
    • Decades of research and multiple published studies on the immune and health benefits of grape seed extract
    • 25+ years of research into the health and immune benefits of plant sterols and sterolins. Multiple peer-reviewed, published studies
    • Led by an esteemed Scientific Advisory Board

Our Story

The immune balancing power of plant sterols and sterolins has been backed by science since 1996 when immunopathologist Professor Patrick Bouic was commissioned to research their effect on the immune system. He became a passionate advocate as a result, and leads Prepared Immune’s Scientific Advisory Board.

Immune support has evolved. When the COVID-19 pandemic made immune health more critical than ever, Professor Bouic and the team at Prepared Labs™ investigated how to amplify the immune benefits

Prepared Immune™ is the result. A combination of 3 powerful natural ingredients –plant sterols and sterolins in the clinically studied ratio of 100:1, combined with anti-inflammatory, antioxidant grape seed extract, for triple immune support.